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Mr Dumpling

Le restaurant Mr Dumpling est synonyme de livraison rapide et d'excellente cuisine chinoise.


Une solution moderne, simple et pratique pour commander vos plats préférés.

Mr Dumpling

Mr Dumpling

Mr Dumpling a créé un menu vaste et complet afin de satisfaire ses fidèles clients qui méritent toujours la meilleure attention et le meilleur service de notre part. Nous avons de délicieuses soupes wonton, des ailes de poulet frites, des boulettes, des spécialités au wok et bien d'autres choses encore. Vous devez essayer notre thé chaud. Il est absolument exquis ! Consultez notre menu complet et délicieux puis commandez en ligne ou par téléphone, nous offrons un service de livraison rapide ou venez nous chercher à Montréal 5045 Wellington.

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  • A Maldonado

    A Maldonado A Maldonado

    -Very well organised and convenient spot. They provide generous meals and for inexpensive prices. I loved the food a lot and the staff members were very personal and informative. Highly recommended.-
  • T

    T T

    -Great food. Ordered from UberEats today and I was very pleased. 4 types of dumplings and the 3 meat one were very good. The tofu dumplings could be better and use more seasoning and aromatics. The Tofu Tao, spring rolls, peanut butter won ton, were all amazing! Another positive is their packaging is all microwave and dishwasher safe and can be re-used multiple times. Some recommendations for the owners: uber does not give the option for steamed vs. fried. Include some hot sauces or at least add the the only menu.-
  • Pedram Rasti

    Pedram Rasti Pedram Rasti

    -By far the best dumplings I ever tasted. Their General Tao Chickens are also very delicious!-
  • Imen Azabou

    Imen Azabou Imen Azabou

    -General tao was tasty, very good dumplings, but I missed one thing there! I wish they had some choices of dipping sauces instead of just soya sauce! I hope owners would consider this request so I can come and try that again. Oh and their bubble teas are so good! Happy to finally have a place that makes bubble T on wellington :D-
  • Karva Floor Machine

    Karva Floor Machine Karva Floor Machine

    -Fancy finish, love their style so much,I ordered a rice noodles, it just like the Japanese’s volcano ramen, a little bit spicy but very good. They also have an excellent customer service, very nice waiter. Will go again for sure, next time will order some dumplings.-
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